Our programs take a heuristic approach.
We are not blind to the fact that we live in a dynamic world and yesterday's solutions may not be the answer to today's problem. We aim to curate collective and sustainable solutions that are not necessarily one-size-fits-all. All our programs are centred around collective effort.

Lead The Way Fellowship

Lead The Way Fellowship program is the cornerstone of Together for Africa Organization. It's a 3-month fellowship program that targets vulnerable youth between the ages of 18 to 35 years who aspire to be changemakers in society.

The program ensures that every youth gains key knowledge on leadership, from self-discovery as a leader to becoming a Transformative Leader. In addition to the fellowship program, TOFA provides a 1-year one-on-one mentorship program that ensures every leader achieves their goals, even after the fellowship program is complete.

The program embodies TOFA's fundamental belief in the significance of leadership and its capacity to drive positive change on social, economic, and political fronts, benefiting individuals, families, communities, and nations.


The Business Maverick Fellowship

The Business Maverick Fellowship is a program that nurtures youthful individuals with the skills and mindset required for business success. It aligns with our core belief in the power of entrepreneurship to break the cycle of poverty among youths in Africa.

The program offers specialized training in areas like “Planning Ahead” and “Money Management” while emphasizing the entrepreneurial mindset. What makes this program unique is its commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit beyond the fellowship.

Every year, we host the “InnoSpark Challenge,” a 10-month entrepreneurship competition that offers seed funding to the top 5 business ideas. Additionally, every cohort member enjoys a year-long mentorship, ensuring their continued growth and development in the business world.

The Corporate Innovators Fellowship

The Corporate Innovators Fellowship is an integral component of Together for Africa's mission. It revolves around fostering innovation within corporate landscapes, especially targeting youthful employees.

The program offers specialized training modules, including but not limited to “The Art of Pitching and Persuasion”, “Prototyping and Testing”, and “Empowering Your Company.” Our unwavering commitment to nurturing innovative thinking in the workplace sets us apart from other programs.

Participants can engage in innovation projects and apply the skills acquired in the companies/organizations that they have been employed in. Additionally, the program offers mentorship, providing guidance for an entire year to ensure continued growth and innovation within their respective organizations.


The Tech Trailblazers Fellowship Program

The Tech Trailblazers Fellowship Program is a pioneering initiative brought to you by Together for Africa. It's designed to empower individuals to lead the way in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

The program features in-depth training modules such as “Discovering AI and ML”, “Ethical Hacking”, and “Machine Learning Fundamentals.” What truly distinguishes us is our dedication to fostering ethical and responsible tech innovation.

Beyond these training modules, we emphasize the ethical dimensions of technology through discussions on responsible AI, cybersecurity, and digital privacy. Furthermore, the Tech Trailblazers Fellowship Program offers participants ongoing mentorship, enabling them to continuously refine their tech skills and make a meaningful impact in the dynamic tech sector.